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Mr Tobias Butler is a recurring character of both Books and TV series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. He's portrayed by the actor Richard Bligh.



Mr. Butler arrives to work for Phryne thinking he is taking an easy job that will see him through to retirement. He quickly adjusts to his new mistress and shows himself to be a loyal discreet butler and household manager. Mr Butler shares his level headed opinions when called upon.

Mr Butler speaks French.[1]

Assisting Miss Fisher


Phryne: after having received a bouquet of flowers Mr Butler, the Noritake vase would be...
Phryne turns to see Mr Butler already holding the Noritake vase.
Phryne: ...just perfect.
Mr Butler smiles, nods, and takes the flowers.[2]

Dot: You're just in time, Mr Butler. There's been a murder.
Mr Butler: Will that be one less for dinner then?[3]

Phryne: addressing Cec and Bert while Mr Butler serves tea Let's assume that there's something underhand going on in Big Arthur's Boxing tent apart from honest betting. What would it be?
Mr Butler: Flat gloves, bare-knuckle fights, taking dives, long odds, ring-ins, and house stacking, I imagine.
Cec looks at him in admiration, Bert in astonishment.
Mr Butler: I boxed during my youth in the AIF.[4]


  • In the novels there is also a Mrs.Butler that deals with the kitchen, while the rv transposition there is only Mr. Butler with the help of Dot to take care of the house. He mentions in Death by Miss Adventure that he hasn't been religious since the death of his wife.
  • Curiously his surname also indicates his profession (a butler).