The Blood Of Juana The Mad
Season 2, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date 25 October 2013
Written by John Banas; Kerry Greenwood (novel)
Directed by Peter Andrikidis
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Blood At The Wheel Framed For Murder

The Blood of Juana The Mad is the eight's episode of the Second season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Summary Edit

Dr MacMillan start a lesson in University and find ... a corpse!


Victim: Professor Martin Katz
Client: Mac
Case: Work with Jack to find Professor Katz's murderer
Murderer: Professor Bradbury
Outcome: Professor Bradbury was arrested.


Cold OpenEdit

Mac and Professor Bradbury escort some students into an exmaination room where a corpse lies under a sheet. Professor Bradbury asks Mac when she's going to procreate, but she declines. Before beginning the examination, Mac reminds the students that the Medical Prize Examination is that afternoon.

Mac announces that the corpse is of a thirty-two year old woman who died of post-natal haemorrhage. She then pulls back the sheet to reveal the body of Professor Katz.


Phryne: Hello, Jack.
Jack: I didn't realize you were on this case, Miss Fisher.
Phryne: Likewise. I... could have left it to you.
Mac: No you couldn't. I called you both in because I want you to work together. I need this case solved.

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