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On June 13th, 2014 it was confirmed that Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries had been renewed for a third series.

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“We’re so thrilled to be able to deliver this next series,” says co-producer Fiona Eagger. “We have such a loyal fan base that has been so persistent in their loyalty and their need for more Miss Fisher, to be able to give them a third season is a wonderful feeling. I think, for [co-producer Deb Cox] and I, [the loyal fan base] has been an incredible inspiration to keep going.

The third series is set to screen on the Australian ABC network on Friday the 8th of May at 8:30pm.

Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1: Death Defying Acts

When the unfortunate assistant in a magic show is beheaded on stage, Jack and Phryne's investigation unravels a secret murder in the past. Phryne's estranged father makes a surprise visit.

Episode 2: Murder and the Maiden

When a high-ranking RAAF officer disappears without explanation from an RAAF Base, Phryne is called upon by an old flame to discreetly solve the mystery.

Episode 3: Murder and Mozzarella

In the world of family Italian restaurants, old grudges from the village are stirred up when matriarch Nonna Luisa dies and the ownership of a secret book of recipes becomes the suspected motive.

Episode 4: Blood and Money

The same morning Phryne is approached by a young boy whose brother has gone missing, Dr Mac calls her to advise that another boy has been found in a shallow grave near the hospital where she works.

Episode 5: Death & Hysteria

When Phryne's Aunt Prudence opens her home to a psychiatrist and natural healer to conduct his sanatorium for 'hysterical' women, Phryne takes on more than she bargained for.

Episode 6: Death at the Grand

When a Hotel Concierge is pushed from the rooftop with an empty bag 'souvenired' from Phryne's house Jack calls Phryne in to investigate what looks like a robbery gone wrong.

Episode 7: Game, Set & Murder

Phryne hosts a tennis tournament to raise funds for female athletes, but things go awry when a player is killed and Phryne's hidden fear is uncovered.

Episode 8: Death Do Us Part

Phryne must take decisive action when the assassin targeting her father escapes from custody on the same night that a renowned scientist is murdered.