Ruddy Gore
Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date 30 March 2012
Written by Liz Doran & Chris Corbett; Kerry Greenwood (novel)
Directed by David Caesar
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Raisins and Almonds Murder in Montparnasse


At a gala performance of "Ruddigore," Phryne meets the gorgeous Lin Chung, who has rescued the theatre's leading man from some thugs in a dark alley.[1]


Victims: Walter Copland and Gwilym Evans
Client: Bart Tarrant
Case: Investigate suspicious activity at the theatre
Murderer: Maurice Sheffield
Outcome: Sheffield is arrested. Tarrant meets the daughter he never knew he had.


Bart: Tell me, Phryne, are they true, the rumors about you?
Phryne: Usually, I'm afraid.
Bart: That you're a detective?
Phryne: That too!


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