Rosie poślubiła Jacka Robinsona, ale na początku serii są obcy. Jej panieńskie imię do Rosie Sanderson mała córkę Annę Baron

As of the beginning of Season Two she was engaged to Sidney Fletcher.[1]


Hugh: Excuse me, sir, your... the... Deputy Commissioner's daughter has just arrived.
Jack: performing introductions Miss... Miss Phryne Fisher, Miss Rosie...
Rosie: Sanderson will do now, Jack.
Jack: Rosie is my wife. Oo, uh, former... former wife. hangs his head
Rosie: I'm so glad to finally meet you, Miss Fisher.[2]

Rosie: opening the door, then smiling Oh, it's Jack! I thought it was Father. It's that policeman's knock. Just... taking a deep breath and gazing at Jack
Jack: We've come to speak with Mrs Harper.
Rosie: taken aback at seeing Phryne Oh. And, of course, Miss Fisher.[3]

George: I didn't know what Fletcher was up to, Rosie, I swear.
Rosie: How could you not know? Those poor girls!
George: Please. Please try to understand.
Rosie: How could you? sobs How could you!? I can't look at you. cries


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