Raisins and Almonds
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 23 March 2012
Written by Michael Miller; Kerry Greenwood (novel)
Directed by David Caesar
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Death at Victoria Dock Ruddy Gore


When a young man is found dead at the Eastern Market, Phryne is plunged into the diverse world of Jewish politics, alchemy and poison.[1]


Victim: Saul Michaels
Clients: Ben & Simon Abrahams
Case: Prove Miss Leigh innocent of Saul's murder
Murderer: Chaim Abrahams
Outcome: Miss Leigh was released. Chaim Abrahams was probably hanged.


Jack: Do you have a personal interest in this case, Miss Fisher?
Phryne: Not at all! Although I briefly owned that Margaret Preston painting over there, until it proved to be stolen property.
Jack: shaking his head It's always complicated with you.

Phryne: It was poison. I'll bet my hat on it.
Jack: I'm not sure it'd suit me.

Jack: "What is invisible let the flames make visible." Do you have a match, Constable?
Hugh: What are you trying to match, sir?
Jack: My wits, against Miss Fisher's.


Dot seems astonished and horrified that there are poisonous plants and bugs in Australia.


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