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Nathan Page is an Australian actor. He most notably has appeared as Detective Inspector Jack Robinson in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

A former cyclist, Page attended the Australian Institute of Sport with Stuart O'Grady and competed in Europe with Lance Armstrong. He retired from professional cycling at the age of 19 because he could not remain competitive in Europe without performance enhancing drugs. He recalled 'It was an era that was plagued by drugs and it was very hard to see your way through to a long career... because I stayed clean, you could beat them some of the time, but not all of the time.'

Describing his decision to take up acting after ending his cycling career, Page has said 'I went into a wilderness for a while and had nothing to fall back on, then I decided to do something that was going to scare me'. He began with 'a little Tuesday night drama class' followed by three years of drama school.

Page 'worked together briefly', in a stage production, with his Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries co-star Essie Davis before gaining the role of Jack Robinson. His other acting credits include Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, All Saints, Underbelly: Squizzy, Panic at Rock IslandWicked Love,Scorched and Home and Away. His film appearances include Beauty, The Boys are Back, Noise, Sample People and Strange Fits of Passion. Page is also a regular on the theatre stage with performances for the Sydney Theatre Company and Company B/Belvoir Street.