Murder in the Dark
Season 1, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date 11 May 2012
Written by Ysabelle Dean; Kerry Greenwood (novel)
Directed by Daina Reid
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Blood and Circuses King Memses' Curse


Phryne's cousins and Aunt Prudence's household come under suspicion when a teenage girl is found drowned in a swimming pool mere days before a large party.


Victim: Marigold Brown
Client: none
Case: Phryne chose to look into the death of her aunt's chambermaid.
Murderer: Murdoch Foyle
Outcome: Foyle spend some time in Phryne's house visiting with Jane, then escaped.


Phryne: How can you protest when you have no idea what I have in mind?
Jack: Because nine times out of ten what you have in mind gives me grief.

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