Murder in Montparnasse
Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date 6 April 2012
Written by Ysabelle Dean & Chris Corbett; Kerry Greenwood (novel)
Directed by Clayton Jacobson & Tony Tilse
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Ruddy Gore Away with the Fairies


Ten years after Phryne posed for a famous artist in Paris, his widow arrives in Melbourne to visit her old friend.


Victim: Thommo Birmingham and Ronnie Cliff
Clients: Bert and Cec
Case: investigate Thommo's murder
Murderer: Rene Dubois
Outcome: Dubois is stabbed by Veronique Sarcelle.


Mr Butler: The church fete?
Dot: Father Grogan is determined to make more money than Saint Christopher's this year. Two more nut loaves. I think he has a wager on it.
Mr Butler: I thought gambling was a sin.
Dot snorts.
Mr Butler: Well, I hope he appreciates all your efforts. Sewing. Baking. Especially given his lack of understanding about Hugh being a Protestant.
Dot: Father Grogan says he's merely God's messenger.
Mr Butler: There must be something you can do to convince him that stepping out with a nice young man like Hugh Collins isn't a sin. What would Miss Fisher do?
Dot: She'd probably make a big donation. pause Or pull a gun on him. Though I don't think either of those things would even budge my priest.
Mr Butler: You're a woman with influence, Dorothy, though you may not realize it.
Dot: How?
Mr Butler: Well you're crucial to the success of the fete. If, for some reason, you decided not to fulfill your commitments to the church, then I suspect you, along with your handicrafts and mending and baking, would be sorely missed.
Dot: I would, but... but isn't that blackmail?
Mr Butler: Oh, Miss Fisher wouldn't see it like that. It'd be calling his bluff.


Jack and Phryne kiss in this episode to maintain their cover.

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