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Murder Under the Mistletoe is the thirteen episode of the second season of the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.


When Phryne, Dot, Mac and Aunt Prudence decide to spend Christmas in July at the chalet of some friends they do not know who will be embroiled in the umpteenth crime. The murderer kills the victims - tenants and guests of chalet- following the lyrics of a famous Christmas song, leaving as warning a Christmas card in the room of the victim. We will discover that behind the heinous crimes are hidden secrets about the past of Aunt Prudence and the tragic death of miners. Jack Robinson is also coming to the rescue of Phryne...


Victims: Len Fowler, Vera Mortimer, Quentin Lynch, and Birdie Fowler
Client: none
Case: Phryne happened to be stuck in a chateau with a serial killer, so she investigated.
Murderer: Nicholas Mortimer
Outcome: Mortimer was arrested. The fate of the gold mine was unspecified.


Cold Open

The Twelve Days of Christmas plays on a phonograph. Len Fowler is trying to get the pear-shaped lights on the Christmas tree to light up. He turns off the electricity to the string and starts fiddling with them. Someone turns the power back on, and Fowler is electrocuted.


Mac: This is a holiday. Must you find murder everywhere?
Phryne: Mac, you know very well murder finds me.

Jack: Stay close!
Phryne: Is that an order, Inspector, or are you just scared?
Jack: Only of you.


Main Cast

Essie Davis as Phryne Fisher

Nathan Page as Detective John 'Jack' Robinson

Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Hugh Collins

Ashleigh Cummings as Dorothy 'Dot' Williams

Miriam Margolyes as Aunt Prudence

Tammy MacIntosh as Dr. Mac

Travis McMahon as Bert

Anthony Sharpe as Cec

Richard Bligh as Mr. Butler

Ruby Rees-Wemyss as Jane


Simon Burke as Nicholas Mortimer

John Noble as Edward Stanley

George Shevtsov as Chester Groves

Greg Saunders as Quentin Lynch

Alicia Gardiner as Birdie Fowler  


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