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Hugh Theobold Collins is one of the recurring characters of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries tv series. He's portrayed by the Australian actor Hugo Johnstone-Burt.


Early Life

When Hugh was a boy, he and his father went to get his father's shoes redone at a cobbler's shop. While on their way, his father attempted to break up a fight only to be killed instead.

Time of Show

Hugh Collins is a young and well-meaning constable, who usually works directly for Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (though on at least one occasion he was assisting Senior Sergeant Grossmith[1]). His naivety and lack of confidence often hold him back from succeeding in his job. Hugh is dedicated and wants to impress his boss. Throughout the series, he develops a crush on Dot but is very hesitant in asking her out. They have religious differences, as he is a Protestant and Dot is a Catholic. Dot goes to her Catholic Priest to get advice on whether or not it is okay to date a Protestant. Eventually Dot asks him to accompany her to an upcoming event and their relationship blossoms from there.

Hugh wears helmet number 1284.

Throughout The Series

Involvement with Miss Fisher's Mysteries


Hugh: Miss Fisher! We tried to keep any suspicious circumstances away from the press.
Phryne: And you did a first rate job, Constable! I wasn't suspicious at all until I saw you.[2]

Dot: Those boys may not have a father, Hugh, but they have you. What... um... what happened to your dad, Hugh? You said it was an accident...?
awkward pause
Hugh: We... uh... we caught the tram into town to have my dad's boots mended at the cobbler's near Flinders street.
Dot: I know the place.
Hugh: When we were walking past the pub we saw these two diggers having a go at each other. This massive bloke was hammering this little fella, and so my dad stepped in. Just to break it up. But he... sniffs he got pummeled instead. He fell back and he cracked his head on the gutter. Then the police came running and um... they took me away. Without my dad.[3]

Hugh: I'm glad you don't drive, Dottie.
Dot: Well, Miss Fisher has offered to teach me. She says it gives a woman a glorious sense of freedom, but all it really gives me is a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Hugh: Yes, and it's a complicated business. It's a lot harder than operating your sewing machine, Dottie.
Dot: I'd like to see you manage my sewing machine, Hugh Collins.[4]