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Framed For Murder is the ninth episode of season 2 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries


Phryne becomes a sponsor of a moving picture


Victim: Donald Everton and Gordon Thackaway
Client: Raymond Hirsch
Case: Hirsch called Phryne after Everton was seemingly killed in an accident because she was one of the production's patrons.
Murderer: Lily Luscombe drugged Everton then sat him where he would be stabbed by a pair of spears.
Outcome: Luscombe and Jefferson Clarke were arrested.


Cold Open

A man in a powdered wig tries to kiss the hand of a disgusted woman while snow falls around them. The scene repeats and it is revealed that they are rehearsing. Two guards in ancient garb walk past. Four young women rehearse the Charleston. A man carries a statue toward a film set where a director watches a man in a loin cloth scream while another man whips him repeatedly. The screaming and whipping continue until the director, Gordon Thackaway, stops the scene.

There is a set change, then the director starts filming another scene. Two guards throw spears through what appears to be paper. Thackaway seems happy until blood starts seeping out of the holes made by the spears. He rushes to look behind the paper and sees a man slumped there, presumably dead.


Jack: Well, I'd be interested to hear your opinion, Miss Fisher, as a... fellow detective, since I have no doubt you'll make your opinions known at some point.

Raymond Hirsch (Phryne's childhood friend): I remember a time when you weren't nearly so cynical.
Phryne: Well I've learned a lot about humanity since I was nine.

Raymond Hirsch: You always did have a knack for bossing people around. Don’t you agree, Inspector? Jack: Yes. Yes, I believe director would be the perfect role for you, Miss Fisher.