Captain William Eugene Fisher, Baron of Richmond upon Thames, cousin of Henry Fisher, was in command of the battleship HMS Ocean when it was sunk by Turkish fire on March 18, 1915 in Morto Bay. He was reported missing and presumed drowned.

He went AWOL and didn't want to return to service. He demanded money from Henry and agreed to keep everything secret. When Henry sold the family estate, however, Eugene was furious and set out to kill him.


Phryne: What grudge do you hold against my father?
Eugene: Your father is a dishonourable, deceitful man. We had an agreement, and he betrayed me.
Phryne: How? Does he owe you money?
Eugene: More than that. More than you could ever imagine.
Phryne: What? Tell me before I open this safe.
Eugene: How dare you barter with me!?
Jack attacks Eugene from behind, knocking him out.[1]


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