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Phryne investigates two suspicious deaths at an idyllic vineyard, where murder and hostile townsfolk combine to produce an especially thorny case.[1]


Victim: Oskar Voigt
Client: Oskar Voigt
Case: Oskar Voigt hired Phryne to meet him at his family's winery, but he was dead when she arrived.
Murderer: Dr Bob Ryan
Outcome: Dr Ryan, Police Sergeant Clem Ford, and Valma Brightwell were detained (and presumably imprisoned)


Cold Open

Inside an unfinished area with only a single light, we see the feet of a person being dragged some place. An unseen person starts a fire. Oskar Voigt breathes in smoke then wake up just in time to see a hatch closing. He struggles to open the inside of the hatch, injuring his fingers.

"Let me out! Let me out!"

He pounds on the hatch, then coughs.

"No! No! Help!"

The camera pulls back, and we see that he is inside one of many identical casks. A bell tolls in the distance.


Dot: Come on, Hugh.
pause while Hugh looks away distractedly.
Dot: Collins!
Hugh: Yes sir! uh... Dot.

Hugh: I wanted this to be perfect, Dottie. I wanted rolling country hills, a scenic lookout, or a starry night with a full moon. turns out the electric light and clears throat Now, here is my hand... sorry... I can't... takes candle and holds it close to his notebook so he can read you shall from... for... from this time on be your master's mistress.
Dot: Excuse me!?
Hugh: No! Don't! I didn't... I didn't mean... I can't read it properly because I turned off the...
Dot: Please! Hugh just... takes his hands stop. Stop worrying.
Hugh: Dottie, I love you. I love you so much.
Hugh gets down on one knee. Dot puts a hand to her heart.
Hugh: Because you make everything alright, and because I couldn't imagine my life without you in it.
Hugh holds out a ring.
Hugh: Would you do me the honour of being my wife?
Dot: whispering Yes.
Hugh: You will?
Dot: Yes!


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