Death Defying Acts
Season 3, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 8 May 2015
Written by Elizabeth Coleman; Kerry Greenwood (novel)
Directed by Tony Tilse
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Murder Under The Mistletoe Murder and the Maiden


When a magician's trick goes horribly wrong, Jack and Phryne's inquiry reveals a past murder, but Phryne is distracted by a visit from her father.[1]


Victim: Pearl Dyson
Client: none
Case: Phryne's father invested in a magic show, which suffered from a murder. She chose to investigate.
Murderer: Eva Callahan
Outcome: Eva was arrested.


Cold OpenEdit

Dot, Bert, and Cec are attended a performance of the Cavalcade of Mysteries. The Might McKenzie is demonstrating a guillotine.

Back at home, Phryne is lighting some candles on the dinner table. At the police station, Jack is straightening his tie and checking his appearance. Phryne hears the doorbell and opens it, happily exclaiming "Jack!" To her surprise, it is her father at the door. Jack speaks on the telephone, telling Phryne (rather bitterly) that he understands.

Back at the Cavalcade of Mysteries, the Great McKenzie chops off his assistant's head.


Phryne: If the killer didn't want the Miraculous Mermaid performed, then performing it...
Mac: ...would be dangerous.
Phryne: But might flush out the killer!
Mac: So might a methodical investigation?


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