Death Comes Knocking
Season 2, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 13 September 2013
Written by Ysabelle Dean; Kerry Greenwood (novel)
Directed by Ken Cameron
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Murder Most Scandalous Dead Man's Chest

Summary Edit

Aunt Prudence Spirit Society conduct a seance in Phryne's house


Victim: Roland Claremont (during the War), Ernie Potts, and Freddy Ashmead
Client: none
Case: Phryne chose to investigate for personal reasons
Murderer: Larry Dunn, Maude Ashmead, and Mrs Bolkonsky, respectively
Outcome: Mrs Bolkonsky was arrested.


Jack: How is it, Miss Fisher, you always manage to turn up when I'm on a case.
Phryne: Not always, Jack. We merely came to pay our respects.


It is implied that Mrs Bolkonsky's psychic abilities were real, since she had no stated way of knowing the circumstances of Basil Hamilton's death.

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