Dead Beat
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 28 February 2019
Written by Jo Martino
Directed by Kevin Carlin
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Just Murdered Space for Murder


When a pop star and his backup singer are electrocuted during their surfing-inspired segment on a TV music show, Peregrine's ex-boyfriend Eric comes under suspicion for their deaths. Unexpectedly, Peregrine is employed by Edwina Maddox, owner of the network and an old foe of Birdie's, to investigate the crime.[1]


Victims: Duane Gordon & Gidget Mitchell
Client: Edwina Maddox
Case: Investigate the deaths of Duane Gordon & Gidget Mitchell, and solve the murders before the police do.
Murderer: Julie Thomas
Outcome: unspecified


Sparrow: Carlo Liotti's made a complaint about you harassing him at the TV station.
James: I've done nothing of the sort, sir.
Sparrow: There will be no questioning, no interrupting, n-not even any smiling in his direction! You understand what I'm saying, son?
James: Y-yeah I do, but...
Sparrow: No, no buts. Out.


The roof damaged by Peregrine in the previous episode is still damaged, and will be expensive to repair: 768 pounds, 4 shillings, and thrupence.

Detective Steed saved Peregrine when she was being threatened by a man in this episode, something that never happened to Phryne. Peregrine was in her car cowering as someone approached with a gun, ready to shoot her. Detective Steed showed up and scared him off.


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