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Dead Air is the 11th episode of SeasonTwo of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries


The Fisher household's new wireless broadcasts bad news with an on-air murder, prompting Phryne and an undercover Jack to battle a wily killer.[1]


Victim: Louisa Singleton
Client: none, though Jack asks her to carry on once she has already started
Case: Phryne chooses to investigate the death of Dot's friend.
Murderer: Harry Redpath (aka Jimmy Creswick)
Outcome: Jack arrested Redpath.


Cold Open

It's raining outside the 3JH radio studio. From inside Louisan declares that she's not keeping quiet, then warns someone to keep away. She backs into view through a window, then trips and falls out of sight. We see her as she's being dragged by a foot, then we see her feet kicking as she's being strangled by someone out of focus wearing black.

Oswald the goldfish swims around inside his bowl.

Louisa's hand reaches skyward, obscuring the lit ON AIR sign. She clutches at the window glass, screaming, then her hand falls and we see that none of the people outside in the rain are paying any attention.


Phryne: Now before you say anything, "Archibald"...
Jack: Thank goodness you're here! I need you to move in on this case. Collins can't handle this alone.
Phryne: Is this Jack Robinson speaking or are you still incognito? You want me to ride shotgun over Hugh?
Jack: I wish you wouldn't put it quite like that.
Phryne: You could ask nicely.
Jack: You want me to beg?
Phryne: This may never happen again.
Jack: Please.


Essie Davis and Nathan Page do their own singing in this episode.


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