Cecil Yates
Vital statistics
Position Handyman
Age Mid twenties
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Cecil "Cec" Yates is a recurring character of both novels and TV show Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. He's portrayed by the actor Anthony Sharpe.

Biography Edit

Cecil "Cec" Yates is younger than Bert and more cosmopolitan than his older cohort, having seen more of the world in his previous life as a sailor. A man of far fewer words than Bert, Cec often keeps things to himself, but he would be lost without Bert. Cec is a keen observer, with a near photographic memory and he has a soft spot for stray animals and fallen women.

Cec is a well built, blue eyed, dark haired man who is a little soft around the edges and would do anything to keep the people he loves safe; especially Bert.

Throughout the series Edit