Blood and Money
Season 3, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 29 May 2015
Written by Belinda Chayko; Kerry Greenwood (novel)
Directed by Peter Andrikidis
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Murder and Mozzarella Death and Hysteria


After Phryne is hired by a bold youngster to find his missing brother, Dr. Mac notifies her that another boy has been found buried near the hospital.[1]


Victim: Barnaby "Badger" Parkins
Client: Paddy
Case: Find Paddy's brother, Ned
Murderer: Dr Harcourt
Outcome: Dr Harcourt was arrested.


Cold OpenEdit

A young man clutches his bleeding abdomen as he runs through an alley at night. He knocks on the frosted window of a door, begging to be let in. When he sees who approaches he shouts, "No, not you! Stay away from me!" We cut to seeing him being dragged along outside to a shallow grave, where he is buried.

The next morning Phryne enters her home unsteadily, bringing in the milk and wearing eveningwear. Dot sees her, causing Phryne concern that she had waited up. Dot reassures her that it's breakfast time. Phryne hands the milk to Dot and makes for the stairs, staggering a little. There is a knock on the door, causing Phryne to say in exasperation, "If that's Francois send him away. A girl needs to sleep."

Phryne falls forward as Dot goes to answer the door, then a boy nearly falls through the door as Dot opens it. He is after hiring Phryne as a detective to find his missing brother.


Jack: What on Earth's going on, Collins? What are you doing sleeping in the police car?
Hugh: Uh, because... the cells are full, sir.
Jack: Why aren't you sleeping in your own bed?
Hugh: Can't. My mother... threw me out after I converted for the wedding. Couldn't bear having a tyke under her roof, she said.
Jack: Does Dot know?
Hugh: shakes head I don't want her to know. We'll be right back where we were! With her family trying to convert me, my family trying to convert her, Dot'll want to call off the whole wedding. shakes head It's why I need this promotion, sir. Buy a place of my own.


Phryne begins the episode apparently drunk and without having had much sleep. She stays in her evening gown for much of the first part of the episode, presumably being sleep deprived that entire time.


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