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Blood At The Wheel is the seventh episode of season 2 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.


When a talented female racer Gertie dies in a car crash, Phryne wants to take her place in a race. But her speed-loving nature became a problem.


Victim: Gertrude Haynes
Client: none
Case: Phryne investigates the murder of her friend.
Murderer: Ailsa Wilton
Outcome: Ailsa was arrested.


Cold Open

Gertrude Haynes emerges from a club. Loud music plays in the background. She tips the doorman, who advises her to drive safely. She laughs at him and climbs into her car. As she starts her vehicle (which we see has a racing number on the side) another car starts up and pursues her. She notices the pursuer in her mirror and accelerates, but there is a problem with her one of her wheels. It comes loose and she crashes into a tree. As smoke comes out of her engine, the other car pulls to a stop behind her. Gertrude's bloody face rests on her steering wheel.


Phryne: Why are you not willing to entertain the idea of foul play?
Jack: Why ask my opinion if you're not willing to listen to it!?
Phryne: taken aback Cuz... that usually doesn't bother you!


At the conclusion of the episode Jack informs Phryne that he can't bear to work alongside her any more.