Australian Slang Edit

If you're not from Australia, you may be wondering what some of the Aussie colloquialisms mean in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries... Aussies use a lot of British slang, but we also have plenty of our own colourful phrases. Here's a quick guide.

Definitions Edit

Bloody Edit

Bloody is way of expressing annoyance as an intensifier: "That bloody car cut me off!"


Season 1, Episode 6 is titled Ruddy Gore. Ruddy is a euphemism for saying bloody, considered a slightly politer way to vent your frustration.

Wharfie Edit

A wharfie is a person who works at the wharf unloading and loading ships. Bert and Cec have both worked as wharfies. Australians like to add an "ie" to words e.g. "I put on my lippie and sunnies to go have brekkie with my rellies." (I put on my lipstick and sunglasses to go have breakfast with my relatives.)

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